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Jewelry is One of the Best Accessories to Breathe Life into Any Outfit You Choose

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Jewelry is one of the best accessories to breathe life into any outfit you choose. It is also one of the best ways to enhance your best features. There is no better way to cap off a look than with an attention-grabbing piece of jewelry. While jewelry is an excellent way to enhance your look, you can make a wrong statement if you don’t choose wisely. The key to pulling off the right look is by striking the right balance. That cuff bracelet or bib necklace will either enhance your look or draw unnecessary stares, so you need to follow a few rules.

Bold pieces of jewelry should be allowed to stand on their own and stand out. Try not to overcrowd your look by placing prominent pieces too close to each other. That is, if your are wearing a statement ring, best leave that statement cuff in the drawer and opt for something less noticeable. In the same vein, avoid wearing long necklaces and big belt buckles, too much going on in the midsection.

Big accessories are best worn with simple, plain clothing. If your top screams with vibrant colors or patterns, then tone down the necklace and earrings you wear. Rule to remember, keep it simple.

Cuff bracelets and bangles are a great option if you want to wear a statement piece. It should be a general rule of thumb that you only stack bangles on one arm as opposed to both. And best if you either keep your arms bare or pick a top with simple sleeves.

Stick to these rules and you will leave your home looking great every day. 

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