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How To Stay Cool and Look Hot This Summer

Posted by Renay on

It's no secret that summer time is the hottest season of the year. Some may worry about how they can be smart, follow fashion trends and keep cool in the heat all at the same time.There are many clothing options for those who wish to look fashionable and be smart. Here are some tips on how to achieve this while also staying cool all summer long!

1. Limit Your Accessories. Try to avoid piling on your necklaces, bracelets, and rings. Accessories that cling to the body will make it extra hot so try to stick to a limited number of pieces for your outfit.Try these Tarina Tarantino Harold Sunnies $110.

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2. Choose Light Fabrics. You can still look all dressed up this summer in pieces made of light fabrics like anything that's sheer, lace, linen, etc. Don’t be shy, wear your cute crop top and just choose to balance it off with your bottoms instead.Try this patriotic Lauren Moshi Riley Tank $78. 

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3. Dress in Breathable Clothing. You can never go wrong wearing airy clothing. Keep your whole look cool with this Odd Molly All In Dress $115.

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4. Choose Loose.Clothing or items that cling to the body will only make the heat feel hotter and stickier. Stick to pieces that flow away from your body.Stay cool with this Odd Molly Rise Above Tank $115.


5. Even the Little Ones Can Keep Cool. Cool feet is the way to go. Sandals are always a good option. Whether you're heading to the beach or just hanging out at the playground, these Mini Melissa shoes will keep your little one fresh. Mini Melissa Aranha + Minnie $50.

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